Champions play here

Champions play here

We have many athletes with championship pedigree and welcome you to come play with us and become a champion.


We all wait in life for things to get easier. Oh I just need to get through preseason and it will get easier. I just need to get through junior season and it will get easier. I need to get to the spring of my senior season of college and it will be easier. We wait for it to get easier. It will never get easier!

What happens is you handle hard better. That’s what happens. Most people think life is going to get easier basketball is going to get easier. School is going to get easier. It never happens.

What happens is you become someone who handles hard stuff better. That’s a mental shift that has to occur in each of  your brains. It has to. If you go around waiting for stuff to get easier in life it’s never going to happen and then what happens “oh its so hard” “oh I can’t do it” “I don’t know” “Its easier for others” It’s not its hard.

The second we see you handling hard better what are we going to do? We are going to make it harder because we are preparing you for when you leave here, Not just basketball, in life. If you think life when you leave college is going to be easy you graduated with a Duke degree is going to be easy, its not easy it is going to get harder.  Make yourself a person who handles hard well not someone waiting for the easy. Because if you have a meaningful pursuit in life it will never be easy. Your trying to win a Championship, Your trying to have a family, ask your parents do you think it was ever easy for them to raise kids? Any meaningful pursuit in life if you want to be successful at it goes to the people who handle hard well. Those are the people who get what they  want. The people who wait around for easy you probably see them at the bus stop. They are waiting for the easy bus to come around. The easy bus never comes around. You need to handle hard don’t get discouraged through this time if its hard its supposed to be! Don’t wait for easy it wont get easy. Make yourself be someone who handles hard well and you will be great.

Kara Lawson Duke Basketball