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The coach will post what uniforms to wear for games and tournaments in Spond.  Uniform combinations are as follows:

  • ROYAL JERSEY: White pants, royal hat, royal socks and royal belt.
  • RED JERSEY: White pants, tri color hat, red socks and red belt.
  • PINSTRIPES: Pinstripe knicker pants, pinstripe jersey, pinstripe hat, royal socks and royal belt.
  • LOS DE LA G JERSEY (baby blue): White pants, baby blue hat with red G, red socks and red belt.
  • PINK JERSEY: White pants, pink hat, pink socks and pink belt. 
  • TUESDAYS (OR WEDNESDAYS): Baseball pants and BLUE Grind practice shirt with Grind hat. 
  • FRIDAYS: Baseball pants and RED Grind  practice shirt with Grind hat.
  • Batting Practice at facility or conditioning: Blue Grind BP short sleeve hoodie, BP Grind shorts, Novus Grind Shorts or tops, or during colder weather joggers and Grind hoodie.

The only color long sleeves allowed under jerseys are red, royal blue or baby blue.  No white or black sleeves.

Helmets must be Royal Blue with G sticker on the front

Fan gear can be purchased in our online store.  Click on the store link. 

Limited edition fan gear is available periodically in the online Novus website.  The coach will share the link for the online store and there is a limited time frame in which you can purchase online.  The items are custom made for Grind and will take 4-6 weeks to ship.  For any concerns with these items, contact Novus as these items are not provided by Grind. 

Click on the tryouts link to register for an open workout with the team during regularly scheduled practice times. Typically your child will attend at least 2 practices and then the Director will speak to you regarding next steps. 

Please go to the cancellation link or complete the following form:

  • You may withdraw your player from the team at any time upon written notice. 30 day advance notice is required for cancellation of monthly dues. Text messages to the coach will not be accepted as written cancellation.    Cancellation must be submitted online at under Cancellations or at 
  • If 30 days advance notice is not given before monthly installments are scheduled to be withdrawn from your account (typically the 1st of the month), you will not be refunded the monthly dues for the month. If 30 days written notice was provided and Grind Baseball failed to stop the payment, please notify us and we will process the refund immediately.  


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Grind Baseball is more than a program, it's a brotherhood. We're here to celebrate your victories, dust you off after setbacks, and empower you to conquer every challenge. Join us, and let's rewrite the definition of "grind." This is where champions are made.

Join us, and let's grind together to shape the next generation of baseball champions!