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College Showcases


Collegiate showcases organized by Grind offer a unique platform for baseball players to showcase their skills in front of renowned college coaches and international Major League Baseball (MLB) scouts. These showcases provide an exceptional opportunity for players to display their talent, receive valuable feedback, and potentially open doors for collegiate and professional baseball opportunities.

Grind takes pride in bringing together a diverse group of highly respected Division I (D1) college coaches and international MLB scouts to observe and evaluate the showcased players. These coaches and scouts possess a wealth of experience in identifying and recruiting talented athletes, making the showcases an excellent avenue for players to gain exposure to decision-makers in the baseball community.

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During the showcases, players demonstrate their skills through a series of drills and simulated game situations. They engage in activities such as batting practice, fielding drills, throwing exercises, and live game simulations. These exercises allow players to showcase their different abilities, whether it be hitting, pitching, fielding, or baserunning.

Showcases provide a pivotal moment for players to exhibit their baseball skills in front of D1 college coaches and international MLB scouts. The goal is to help players generate interest from these influential stakeholders in the baseball community, thereby increasing their chances of securing collegiate scholarships or professional opportunities.